10 Best Online Trading Platforms

Charles Schwab
It was established in 1971. It has over 300 branches. This site provides its clients the experience it has in the industry. The site offers discount brokerages and provides clients with research to the clients regarding a precise investment. They rarely give investment advice to clients.

The site has multiple offerings for online stock trading and came into being 1982. It has a significant majority following in the market by particularly absorbing other brokerage firms. One can use both touch-screen and voice-command options. The site offers lower rates for the active traders. The commission is a bit expensive in comparison to the competitors. However, stock options are the primary investments in this platform.

Fidelity is a popular site for any player that involves in online trading of stocks since 1946. The site creates a competitive edge through customer satisfaction. No weekend service to customers. There is the lack of desktop trading platform. They do not offer any products. There is no investment advice to their clients.

Firstrade is a significant player in the industry that consolidates the clients’ activities into one account thereby reducing the paperwork of the client. The firm offers no-load mutual funds, but there is no transaction fee. No weekend service to customers. There is the lack of desktop trading platform.

Motif Investing
Many claim the platform is the best in the online stock trading. The site is flexible, and a user can delete or add their stocks. The customer has the option to change the weights on each of the individual investment items. No weekend services to customers.

OptionsHouse is mainly an excellent site for the low commission fees and the exceptional trading technology it possesses. The firm is unique in the services its customers and also did receive the 2016 top broker. The charges are cheap.

TradeKing seeks to have its share in the market through low commissions and exceptional customer service. The presence of similar technology with their competitors does not dim the quality of services they offer and their low rates.

Betterment is a site that has an easy to use and ideal for the customers. With these features, the customer can make easy and smart investment choices. The ability to provide exceptional technical and investment strategies place it above the rest. It has 168,000 customers and small fees.

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo is a giant powerhouse in the industry providing comprehensive services that precisely fits its image since 1852. The great thing is that it offers five different levels of accounts. An individual will, therefore, open an account depending on the type of account; an independent accounting purposely for that work or another one that is a version of their managed accounts.

Wall Street*E
This site offers low commissions which complement the web services that are vital to investors that are keen to integrate investing and banking. It also has different online banking products and services that appeal customers.

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