10 Best Paid Online Trading Sites

Ally Invest
This site is best for cheap trading. It has a 4-star rating since 2007. It has low-cost commissions. It caters for the high-end net worth investors to the newbies. It has a zero account minimum privilege to its clients and a significant discount for the active investors.

Trade site appears here again as an excellent site for online trading. It is precisely suitable for the beginners in investing. It offers the newbies a perfect learning opportunity with endless room for growth. The site contains educational videos, articles and other materials to improve their knowledge of what they need to learn.

TD Ameritrade
TD Ameritrade has been in the industry since 1971. The site is for two classes of investors. The investors who are beginners and those in need of superior tools and features including technical studies, charts, real-time data, and essential research reports. The investors are also able to make a substantial commission out of it.

This site is for the investors who are advanced in this industry. The site provides insight into the educational needs of the investment and the potential strategies a client can exploit. It has 400,000 users. It is expensive to enroll.

Trade Architect
A perfect fit for beginners. The site is a simple to use and understand. It also offers educational interfaces for the users.

This site is for the active investors. The investors have an options focus. The site has been a longtime gamer in this industry with a particular interest in the rock-bottom pricing. It requires no minimum fees or inactivity fees.

This site wins customers over for the quality and quantity of trading. The site is also an excellent source for investing research. It has platform conditions that apply.

FXCM Forex Trading
The firm has over 125,000 clients proving its credibility among the seat of the giants in this industry. The site provides information on the various prices of stocks minimizing the losses of a client.
3D Markets Financial Spread Betting Account
This site is excellent for the price terms that it offers. The site provides 10 percent cash back offer for active clients to the site.

FxPro Forex Trading
The FxPro has been in the industry for a while. It is one of the leading stockbrokers in the United Kingdom. The client has to be careful though as the losses can exceed the deposits.

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